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Working with Mix Buses
Posted by Alex Skinner, Last modified by Alex Skinner on 24 April 2020 02:36 PM

The SQ has a variety of mix buses, including:

  • Aux – Usually used for stage monitoring, with wedge speakers and IEM’s, or to an FX engine.
  • Group – Usually used for grouping and routing inputs to a single fader, to then route to the main LR bus or a physical output.
  • FX Sends – Used to send audio to the FX engines.
  • Matrix – Used to route mix buses to an output, commonly used for delay speakers and infill speakers.
  • Main LR – The main bus or master mix bus.

12 configurable mix buses are available for either Aux or Group modes and can be used in either Stereo or Mono mode. 3 matrix buses are available and can be configured as mono or stereo. Go to Setup > Mixer Config > Mix Stereo to edit mono/stereo settings for mix buses. Go to Setup > Mixer Config > Bus Config to adjust the number of aux and group mixes available.

Delay, Trim, Polarity, Insert, PEQ, GEQ and compressors are available on each mix bus for processing.

Once a channel is assigned to a mix bus, select a blue Mix key to flip to sends on faders for that mix. Turn a channel fader up to send the channel to a mix and select the blue mix key again to return to the LR bus.

Alternatively, press the Sel key of an input channel, then press and hold the CH to All Mix key to send that channel to multiple mix buses at once. Press the Sel key of a mix bus and hold the CH to All Mix key to route that bus to a Matrix.