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Working with FX
Posted by Alex Skinner, Last modified by Alex Skinner on 18 September 2020 03:05 PM

By default, the blue FX keys (above the mix select keys) are routed to the first 4 FX racks with 4 effects recalled into the racks for quick access. The output of each FX rack is then returned to an input channel dedicated for this task, named FX return.

Once an FX engine is loaded into a rack, any input and group can be routed to an FX bus. The FX engines require a send or bus to route audio to the FX and a return or channel to bring the effected audio back, this can then be routed to a mix. There are 4 dedicated FX sends and 8 dedicated FX returns. By default, input channels are sent post fader to the FX send so that when a channel is turned down in the LR mix, the effected signal cannot be heard either.

To apply FX to an input channel, you have different options:

- Mix > Return (Default)

  • Select a blue FX key, this flips the input channels into ‘sends on fader’.
  • Turn the fader up for the channel you would like the effect on.
  • Select the blue mix select key for the mix you would like the effected signal in.
  • Turn the FX return fader up to hear the effected signal in the mix.

- Insert

  • Select the input channel you would like the effect on.
  • Press the Processing key and select the insert block.
  • Assign the send to FX Unit and the FX unit number.
  • Assign the return to FX Unit and the same number.

The Mix > Return option allows multiple channels to be sent to a single FX unit. The return can then be routed to any mix, such as monitor mixes.

The Insert option applies a single FX Unit directly to an input channel as part of the channels processing chain. This means that the FX signal becomes part of the channel, so any mix the channel is sent to will include the effected signal.

To change an FX engine

  • Select an FX rack
  • Press the library key, to the top left of the screen
  • Scroll through the list by selecting a name and using the screen encoder
  • Press recall

To use FX racks 5-8

  • Press the FX key to view the FX page
  • Select an empty rack (5-8)
  • Load an FX engine into the empty rack
  • Press the Back Panel key (top right of the screen)
  • Press unassigned and select Mix->Return
  • Change the mix bus to Aux and assign to an unused Aux bus.

An FX return channel (5-8) can now be assigned to a channel strip in Setup > Surface > Strip Assign.