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Working with DCA and Mute groups
Posted by Alex Skinner, Last modified by Alex Skinner on 24 April 2020 02:30 PM

DCA’s or Digitally Controlled Amplifiers are a useful tool to control the level of multiple channels at once. No audio passes through a DCA, they are purely for control purposes. Using the fader of a DCA effects the overall level of the assigned channels whilst keeping the same mix and muting the DCA mutes the assigned channels with one button.

Mute groups are used to quickly mute multiple sources at once. A common way to use mute groups would be to mute the FX in between songs.

To assign input or output channels to a DCA or Mute group, select a channel, press the Routing Key, and select the DCA/Mute Assign block. Alternatively, select a DCA, and press the Routing key, you can then select a DCA channel on screen to see all assignments.

Mute groups need to be assigned to a soft key to be used. To do this:

  • Navigate to Setup > Surface > Soft Controls and select a desired soft key.
  • Touch the soft key control to show the control options, scroll through the list and select Mute Group by selecting it on screen,
  • Then select a mute group number and press apply.

Then assign a channel to a mute group.

  • Press the Sel key on an input or output channel.
  • Press Routing under the screen
  • Select the mute assign block
  • Assign the channel to a Mute Group

DCA Spill

DCA Spill replaces the fader strips with the members of the DCA. This can be used to view a selection of channels quickly.

To set up DCA Spill, go to Setup > Surface > Soft Controls and assign DCA Spill to a soft key. You can choose for the softkey to spill a specified DCA, or the currently selected DCA.

To use DCA Spill in Spill On Sel mode, press the soft key assigned to this function so that it illuminates. Then press the Sel key of the DCA to enter spill mode and press it again to exit.