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Transferring Show Files to a computer
Posted by Keith Johnson, Last modified by Keith Johnson on 07 January 2021 12:54 PM

A ‘Show’ includes the current state of your SQ and all scenes and libraries.

(note that it does not include the following unit specific information: Network settings, Unit name, Fader Calibration, User Permissions)

Shows can be saved to the SQ-Drive and it can be useful to understand how and where the files are stored so they can be backed up, copied or shared.

To store a show to SQ-Drive:

  • Connect a USB drive and format the drive in Utility > USB Utility > Status/Format
  • Once formatted, go to ‘Utility > Data > Shows’
  • Touch the ‘Store New’ button, name the show, and press OK.

To access the show file on a PC or Mac:

  • Insert the USB drive into a PC or Mac
  • Open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac)
  • In the USB Drive, open the AHSQ folder
  • Open the SHOWS folder

The show files are labelled as SHOW0000 and will enumerate in the order they were stored on the desk.

SHOW0000 - First show stored

SHOW0001 - Second... etc.

Note that this number is shown on screen to the right of each Show file name in the SQ.

Copy and paste the entire folder (with all files contained within) to store or backup an entire Show.

To access the show data, open the folder. All Scene, Library and Mixer configuration data is stored here.

From a computer you can use a text editor to open the ‘SHOW.DAT’ file stored in the folder and see the show name. Editing these files can cause corruption of the Show or Scenes however, so it is always best practice to create a copy of any file before opening it.


Transferring Shows using SQ-MixPad

Please refer to SQ-MixPad help (available by touching the ‘?’ on the connection screen or from the main menu) for details on storing and transferring Shows. Once you have the Show folder on a computer or storage device, the information above is exactly the same.