Optimal Brightness Settings
Posted by Keith Johnson, Last modified by Alex Skinner on 24 April 2020 02:35 PM

There are 5 individually adjustable brightness settings on the SQ, accessed by pressing the 'Brightness' button on the home screen, or by pressing the 'Setup' screen key and going to 'Surface > Surface Prefs'.

Touchscreen - Touchscreen brightness
LEDs - Surface LEDs, including PAFL, Chromatic Channel Metering and all Key LED's
Channel Strip LCDs - The backlit coloured LCD displays on each channel strip and above SoftRotarys
Light Bar Brightness - The integrated illumination bar at the top of the surface
Light Bar Balance - Blend from white (fully left) to purple (fully right)

When using the SQ in different environments, you will need to adjust multiple settings at once for best performance.
This is because your eyes adjust and perceived brightness is relative - if the screen is too bright for example, you will not be able to see the LED's well.

Example bright outdoor use:

Example dark indoor use: