How many simultaneous Director, MixPad and OneMix connections are possible with a dLive system?
Posted by Ben Morgan, Last modified by Nicole Higgins on 11 December 2019 01:22 PM

The dLive MixRack and Surface support up to 40 TCP connections each.

Surface connections include any IP6/IP8, 3 screen apps, and Director (depending on Director mode). The MixRack supports 1 surface connection when running 1.84 or earlier.

MixRack connections include the Surface, any IP6/IP8, 3 screen apps, Director, and any MixPad/OneMix app.

The MixRack and Surface both support 16 IP6 and 16 IP8 controllers.

dLive Director and MixPad utilise approximately 7.5Mbit/s per client (3.7Mbit/s per client for UDP metering information and up to 3.7Mbit/s per client for TCP control data) including protocol overheads. IP6 and IP8 devices utilise approximately 0.5Mbit/s per connection.

When connecting multiple devices via Wi-Fi, care should be taken to ensure that the Access Point has enough available bandwidth to handle the number of connections required. It should be noted that as wireless signal deteriorates due to distance and/or physical obstacles, so does the bandwidth available so performance can also decrease in areas of poor wireless signal.

If the available bandwidth is saturated and/or performance is degraded, additional Access Points can be deployed to reduce the network traffic per AP and improve the performance. For example, Access Points could be positioned for stage left, stage right, MON etc. If roaming is required, multiple APs could be deployed with a single SSID although this could result in APs reaching saturation under certain circumstances (i.e. all iPads being physically close to the same AP)