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Xone. Noise in my headphones?
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Firstly, is this noise audible above the programme material?

Some users ask if the headphone output of their Xone mixer is too noisy,
but with further investigation find that they are not listening with programme material present,
only to the noise floor amplified to the maximum.

The Xone DJ Range is designed to be used in a loud nightclub environment,
therefore the headphone ampifier needs sufficient power to be able to hear the cued channel
over the club's PA, with a monitor speaker inches away from your head too!

If you are using your mixer for bedroom DJing, where the volume levels are considerably lower,
you might only need to set the headphone volume level at 1 or 2 to satisfy your needs.
(as all the User Guides state: BE SENSIBLE, BE SAFE WITH SOUND LEVELS)

Consider playing a vinyl record (remember those!) and cueing with headphone volume set at maximum.
You will hear the crackles of the the lead-in groove are very loud, so you know you have to turn down the
volume quickly as when the music starts it will be super loud!

At this volume the crackles of the vinyl would be unnoticable over the volume of the music.



If you think you still have a technical issue with your mixer,
for further assistance please contact your dealer or
local distributor



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