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Recommended Wi-Fi router
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All our apps work across a wide range of modern routers and Access Points. However, we do recommend some key features when choosing your device:

  • Good wireless coverage (802.11n or 802.11ac with 'beamforming' are recommended)
  • Dual band wireless frequencies (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)
  • Auto wireless channel select, to help avoid any interference
  • Removable antennas, for repositioning
  • Good security such as WPA

Many devices?

We’ve compared several modern routers and Access Points from different manufactures and found they all work well with a handful of wireless devices connected but they can struggle when connecting many wireless devices at once. If you find your wireless router or Access Point struggling when handling large numbers of devices, we recommend purchasing a Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Point. These are designed to keep wireless devices connected and have good data throughput.

Setting up

The mixer and wireless router must have compatible IP addresses.

The default setting for Qu and SQ mixers is DHCP enabled. This is the recommended setting and means that the mixer gets its IP address automatically from a DHCP enabled router. Go to the mixer Setup / Network screen to check that its DHCP is enabled. Most routers will have DHCP enabled by default and work with Qu and SQ mixers out of the box.

A video on how to setup an example Access Point or router to work with Qu mixers is available here.

dLive, GLD and iLive mixers default to static IP addresses. To work with the default IP addresses, configure your wireless router or Access Point with the following settings:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • DHCP Scope/Range: –

A step-by-step video on how to setup an example Access Point or router to work with our dLive, GLD or iLive mixers is available here. This video focuses on the D-Link DIR-815 wireless router, but similar instructions would apply to other routers.

Should you experience any problem with your router or Access Point, we recommend you download and install the latest firmware from the manufacturer website before you contact us.

Running an old version of iLive firmware?

In iLive Firmware V1.9 we have improved the way metering data is sent from the MixRack to other devices such as laptops (running Editor), iPads (running MixPad or OneMix) and the iLive Surface. UDP Unicast is now used to send the data (therefore removing the V1.8 Multicast option). We always recommend updating to the latest version of our firmware but if for any reason you are running a previous version of iLive firmware, you can find useful information on router compatibility with multicast here.

keywords: wifi wireless a/p router access point UDP Unicast

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