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iDR. Announcement 'chime'
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 19 February 2009 07:55 AM

Q: Can the iDR system generate a chime or gong, or short audio clip when the user starts to speak into a mic, and when they stop?

A: The iDR series does not generate such as system of gongs or other audio, so you would need to investigate an external means of providing this 'chime'.

You may wish to investigate triggering such a chime on external equipment with an iDR-generated contact closure from a PL-8 or iDR-Switch unit.
In this case, a switch on the microphone itself may not be sufficient. You may need the switch to be a multi-pole switch that as well as opening and closing the mic,
also generates a preset recall on the iDR. The preset that is recalled can then open or close the PL-8 contact as necessary



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