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PA Series: FX Editor software download?
Posted by Chris Panks, Last modified by on 30 March 2011 10:50 AM

NOTE: PA FX Editor ONLY works with OLDER units that have a GREEN FX LED.
New style units with a yellow FX LED are not compatible with FX Editor software.

The PA FX Editor is a 32 bit PC application for editing the built-in effects on the Allen & Heath PA Series mixing consoles.
These consoles feature a dual effects unit providing both half and full effects such as reverb, chorus and delay. 
They also include a built-in equaliser and noise gate which can be accessed using this application. 

The application lets you edit effects in real time by changing their parameters to suit your preferences.
All or a selection of the 16 console presets can be over-written with the edited effects.
You can also save and recall presets to disk file.

The console connects to the PC using MIDI.  Note that this is a one way communication.
The PC can alter and overwrite settings in the console.  The PC cannot read current console settings. 
The MIDI channel number is fixed at 1.  The MIDI device can be selected using a pull down menu.

Once the application is running the FX Editor window controls automatically override the console settings.
The console FX select button is disabled until the application is closed or control is manually restored using a menu item.
Although the controls operate in real time, the console presets will not be over-written until a save, store or reset function is actioned.


Please click here to download the application

Please note: PA FX Editor is not compatible with 64 bit (x64) Operating Systems