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Xone:S2 - Overriding Monitor Dim when Mic inputs are selected
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 14 July 2009 03:55 PM

Q: Is there a way to defeat the booth attenuation that occurs when I engage the Mic Level inputs?
Perhaps a jumper setting? I noticed it does not happen when I do it with the line level inputs on the mic channels.

A: The Monitor Dim when Mic is selected function is hardwired in to the Xone:S2 circuitry with no jumper options to select it in or out.
The simplest way to bypass it would be to make up a short lead that takes the tip send signal from the Mic Insert (1/4" TRS Jack, tip send)
to a pair of parallel wired RCA phono leads and plug these into the Line Inputs on the same channel. Switching the channel to Line disables the monitor PAD.




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