How do I route audio to and from my Qu mixer and the DAW?
Posted by , Last modified by Keith Johnson on 16 May 2017 01:52 PM

Routing Audio from Qu to the DAW

The USB/Qu-Drive audio upstream is always available and doesn't need to be configured to enable recording via Qu-Drive or the DAW.

The routing for all USB/Qu-Drive audio can be found under: Setup > I/O Patch > USB Audio

In general you probably won't need to change these settings, by default the stereo Qu-Drive recording follows assignment 17-18.

If you are recording to the DAW and you want the USB patching to be contiguous with the DAW channels, for example; input channel 17 to DAW Channel 17, input channel 18 to DAW Channel 18 etc then you can use the USB Audio patching to freely configure what is sent to the USB channels.

Routing Audio from the DAW to Qu

How you route audio from your DAW to Qu will largely depend on your workflow. Unlike the USB upstream, it's important to realize that you have to configure the input channels of Qu to either use Local (XLR), USB (Qu-Drive/USB) or dSnake (Remote audio boxes).

The Input Source menu can be found under: Processing > Press 'SEL' on an input channel > Press 'FN' for 'Source'

Let's examine the screenshot above, you can see that currently all mono and stereo input channels have their input assigned to Local, this means that Qu is expecting to receive audio from the analogue inputs. Any audio routed to USB from the DAW will be ignored.


I'm currently tracking a band and need to use all 16 of the mono inputs on Qu-16 to record the various instruments. All analogue audio will pass  to the DAW just fine but I need to set up a USB return audio path so I can monitor the audio from the DAW.

In the screenshot above you can see that I have allocated ST1 to source it's input from USB so I can monitor the audio back from DAW, I would need to configure my system as follows:

  1. Set Channel ST1 to USB
  2. Toggle Global USB Source to 'USB-B Streaming'.
  3. Configure DAW output to 17-18 (Qu-24 = ST1/25-26, Qu-32 = ST1 not available, requires pair of input channels)

Final Notes:

  1. The input channels by default will be routed to LR as well as ST1, this is likely to result in phasing and can easily be resolved by dropping the faders on the input channels so only the USB return is audible.
  2. Ensure the ST1 fader is up.