Installation of DX164-W / DT164-W in a NEMA box
Posted by James Clarke, Last modified by James Clarke on 23 February 2021 11:04 AM

You can mount the DX/DT164-W in a NEMA box meaning it would dimensionally fit, but we don’t provide a mounting solution.

Mounting in a NEMA box would almost certainly require a custom frame. We haven’t developed one ourselves as different manufacturers use slightly different specs for NEMA boxes, particularly with regard to the front door dimensions and frame.

Of course you can use the threaded holes and screws from the AH11504 which comes with the unit in the box (that would ensure you don’t pick the wrong screw and risk damaging PCB boards), but it would probably be more suitable to discard the frame and build a new frame ad-hoc for mounting in the box.

Another option is to see if a company like ACE Backstage can build a one-off mounting frame. They already have a stage pocket system for the DX164-W / DT164-W so they know dimensions etc.

NEMA standards go in inches, so 12x12” or 11x11” would work (11x11 has a subpanel size and door opening of 10x10”, the DX is 210x210mm).

A&H product dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) are as follows:




DX164-W / DT164-W

210 x 87 x 210

8.25 x 3.5 x 8.25


The weight and dimension drawings for the DX and DT boxes are available via the product links to our website above.