dLive Connection Troubleshooter
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dLive Connection Troubleshooter


Quick tips


  • gigaACE connections should only be made with cat5e (or higher) shielded cable. Cable recommendations can be found on the knowledgebase.
  • Network sockets on the Surface and Rack should not be connected to the same switch/network. Their network sockets are already connected via the gigaACE link.
  • gigaACE connections should be less than 100m



Network connection IP ranges.


The default IP’s for the Surface and Rack are and respectively. These addresses should not be reused elsewhere on the same network.

To get up and running quickly, attach a router with the following settings.

  • IP address 168.1.254
  • Subnet 255.255.0
  • DHCP range 168.1.100 –
  • Gateway 168.1.254

All devices connecting requesting DHCP will be given a compatible IP address that does not conflict with dLive.

To connect a device without using a DHCP server, you may wish to use the following network settings. IP, Subnet, Gateway Additional devices can be connected by incrementing the IP address for each device.


Network resets


To reset the network settings to default on the MixRack, with it switched off, hold the network reset button on the front with a paperclip, or similar small thin implement.
Switch on the rack and wait for the ready light to illuminate before releasing.

To reset the network settings on the surface, go to Surface / Config / Network and press ‘Reset’ or from within a failed to connect page, click ‘network settings’.

Troubleshooting Flowchart