Custom Control - Frequent Problem Solving
Posted by Nicole Higgins, Last modified by Nicole Higgins on 18 September 2020 08:33 AM

This document is here to help you solve frequent problems that people come across when using Custom Controller for the first time.

Chevrons across channel fader sends

  • Are your faders assigned to the correct destination e.g. an auxiliary or matrix etc?

If your fader is assigned to the incorrect channel, Custom Control recognises that it is unable to send anything to that channel, so puts chevrons across the faders.


My Send on Fader Isn’t Working:

  • Is your fader assigned to the same group/aux/matrix in Custom Controller as it is in your dLive show file?

If the fader you are using on Custom Controller is not working, it is likely that that it is assigned to an incorrect channel in your show file. Once you have checked and reassigned the channel, the fader should now work in Custom Control.


No layout available

  • Did you upload your config whilst connected to the Mix Rack?

If your config hasn’t been uploaded to your Mix Rack, there is no Custom Control information stored in it for it to process when connected to the Custom Control App.


  • If you made any changes to your config since loading it onto the Mix Rack, have you saved and uploaded these changes?

Saving and re-uploading any new config changes to your Custom Control file and to the Mix Rack, allows Custom Control information to be properly stored and processed without any mismatch between the Custom Control file and the dLive show file.


Users not Available

  • Does the Mix Rack have the correct user profiles?

Make sure that the user profiles in the Mix Rack, match the user profiles in the Custom Control App or you will be unable to control the Surface from the Custom Control App.


  • Are these user profiles in the Mix Rack ‘active’?

If you have not made your user profiles ‘active’ the Custom Control App is unable to see the user profiles in the Mix Rack and therefore cannot control your layout that you are trying to log into.


  • Is the User ‘name’ the same in the Mix Rack and in Custom Control?

You need to make sure that the user profile names are the same within the 16-character limitation in the Mix Rack to match the user profile names in Custom Controller.



Image hiding controls I’ve set Up

  • Have you made sure that your image has been ‘sent to back’ when ordering your layout in the Custom Control Editor?

When your first drag an image into a layout in the Custom Control Editor, it is at the front of the layout. You will need to make sure that you have selected the ‘Order’ of the image to be ‘sent to back’ so that any controls or text that you add to the layout is able to be seen.


My Home Screen on My iPad/iPhone is Different to my Laptop

  • Have you logged into your user on your iPad/iPhone?

If you have logged in on your iPad/iPhone, the premise of the Custom Control App is still the same. However, you may find that the scaling of the layout is different and depending on the display setting of your device, the resolution may not be the same.


  • Have you swiped from the left of the screen for your log in/log out and quit options?

If you cannot find your log-in/log out options, you can swipe sideways from the left of your screen. This should open a small menu tab which allows you to log-in/log-out to change between Users/Layout safely


My LEDs’/Buttons/Images Appear Stretched in Custom Control

  • Have you checked your aspect ratio?

Custom Control Editor allows you to preview layouts in either a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio in landscape or portrait mode. Devices with a different aspect ratio will rescale the layout and its graphical elements unless you set the layout to a fixed aspect ratio and orientation.


The Resolution of My Screen isn’t Correct

  • Have you optimised or changed your resolution settings in anyway?

If you are finding that your resolution of your screen isn’t quite right, it could be that you need to revert your resolution settings back to their default settings, or that your resolution is too low and you need to optimise them for the Custom Control App.