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Dante Controller v3.5.0 for OS X is not displaying information on some screens
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It has come to our attention that installing the current version of Dante Virtual Soundcard (v3.2.1) 
or older versions of Dante Firmware Update Manager (versions prior to v1.4.5.7) onto an OS X system 
that has Dante Controller v3.5.0 installed can cause Dante Controller to malfunction.


1. Device information is not displayed
Dante Controller V.3.5.0 for OS X is not displaying device information in one or more tabs, particularly:

Device Info
Clock Status
Network Status
Device view > Status
Device view > Device Config
Device view > Network Config

2. Secondary Network Indicator (Status Bar)
If connected to a secondary network, the secondary network LED in the status bar
(bottom left of the Dante Controller window) is not showing green.


The problem occurs because the version of the ConMon (Dante Control and Monitoring)
service that is required by Dante Controller v3.5.0 is being overwritten with an older version
by the Dante Virtual Soundcard or Dante Firmware Update Manager installers.

This can also occur if you install a third-party Dante configuration
or routing application onto a system that has Dante Controller v3.5.0 installed.

Should any customers contact you for a solution, advise them to reinstall Dante Controller v.3.5.0.


To fix the problem, reinstall Dante Controller v3.5.0.
Also ensure that you only use the latest version of Dante Firmware Update Manager (v. <available to download here>


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