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Qu. DAW control problem
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I have a Qu mixer.
My Mac is running OS10.9.2, and DAW is Logic Pro 10.0.6.

The faders will not work properly in MIDI mode.
Some faders are fine, some will not work at all, and some will have an effect, but it is not in sync with the faders in Logic,
i.e. the faders will be in different positions comparing the DAW faders with the Qu-16 MIDI faders.



Please see watch this video.

Open the 'Click & Ports' tab:

Then connect the outputs from

DAW Control MIDI 1
DAW Control MIDI 2

and connect these to the (Monitor) object

Dragging the monitor port down to the bottom of the screen out of the way as per screenshot
is much easier then putting it with the rest of the midi objects because things can appear complicated.

The ‘MIDI out’ port in the attached screenshot is actually the Qu mixer MIDI out. This is correctly patched to the Monitor object.
(The port might have a different name on your computer as OS X seems to remember previous names no matter what the hardware is broadcasting).

For further support please contact your dealer or local distributor

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 screenshot_daw_clicks_and_ports_monitor_object.png (70.78 KB)