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GS-R24. Moving Jog Wheel makes faders move
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If moving the Jog Wheel on the GS-R24M makes the motorised faders move, 
you have your desk in test mode.

Please see the User Guide for more information.



SEL switch .  Mode 

1              .  Default MIDI, Internal tally, press/release = note on/off
2              .   Default MIDI, Internal tally, press once for note on, press again for note off
3              .   Default MIDI, External tally, press/release = note on/off
4              .   Default MIDI, External tally, press once for note on, press again for note off
5              .   REAPER Mode (Pending Controller plug-in becoming available)
6              .   Default MIDI, External tally, HUI tick ON. For translating to HUI protocol.
7              .   US 2400 Emulation
8              .   Test & Demo mode.
17            .   On = Transport=Note On/Off. Off = Transport=MMC 


One tip:
on power up, whilst pressing the PLAY button,
if you are pressing the PLAY button too hard, with too much force, the button push will not register,
the mode the desk is currently in will not be displayed by the solo / select button illumination orange light on the appropriate channel.

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