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ME-U. Setting Network Addresses. Access to GUI
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If you are having problems accessing the ME-U Setup Application GUI, you might have an early production model (first 20 units)

The first batch of units manufactured were given an IP address = 
which is not the same as that listed in the User Guide IP address = 
ME-U User Guide AP9209_1

Below are the instructions from the User Guide: 
Where you see a red 40 listed in the IP address, swap this for 100 instead.


8.1 Setting the network addresses

Plug a Cat5 cable from your computer Network (LAN) port to the ME-U front panel Network port.

For the computer to communicate with ME-U it must have a compatible static TCP/IP address.
Check that your computer LAN port is enabled with its DHCP turned off.

Set a static computer IP address:

IP address = 192.168.1.nnn *
Subnet Mask =

Where nnn is between 1 and 254 (not 40)

The default ME-U network address is:
IP address =
Subnet Mask =
If this has been changed and is not known then it may be incompatible and the computer may not connect.
If this is the case reset the ME-U network settings using the front panel recessed switch.

8.2 Starting the Setup Application

Start your computer web browser.

Enter the ME-U IP address into the browser address bar:

The computer should connect and display the Status page of the ME-U Setup Application.


8.3 Reset the ME-U network settings

If the computer fails to connect then try resetting the ME-U network settings:
Turn the ME-U off. Use a thin pointed object to press the recessed ‘Reset’ switch.
Turn power back on and keep the switch pressed for 20 seconds while the unit reboots.
This resets the ME-U network to:
IP address =
Subnet Mask =
Default Gateway =

[ NOTE - If you reset the unit as described in section 8.3 below, the address will be reset to ]


8.5 System Setup page

ME-U IP Settings – Displays the current network static TCP/IP settings.
You can change these if you wish to access the ME-U via a different network.
Default settings can be restored using the front panel recessed ‘Reset’ switch.

IP address =
Subnet Mask =
Default Gateway =



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