iLive Firmware Version 1.94
Posted by Maf Prigg, Last modified by Harry Garcia on 12 October 2015 12:48 PM

V1.94 is a maintenance release of iLive firmware and Editor software.

Note: Updating the firmware resets the system parameters to factory default.
Make sure you
archive your current settings as a Show memory before starting if you wish to keep them.

Note: Also update iLive Editor software an your computers.

This release fixes the following issue:

Issue 594 – This issue was not completely fixed with previous release V1.93.
Although the
iLive lock up was fixed, surface control could still be briefly interrupted while the channel name messages were being delivered

 An ME-U hub linked via Port B and with its Network port connected to the iLive network to poll for channel names could cause the iLive to slow down and eventually lock up after several hours. 



January 2014


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