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ME-U. Firmware Version 1.01
Posted by Maf Prigg, Last modified by Maf Prigg on 11 December 2013 01:32 PM

Version 1.01 - Maintenance release. October 2013 

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Issues fixed:
ID_87: ME-1 even key settings could be reset after the ME-U rebooted following an IP address change using its setup application.
ID_96: When using an MMO or AR rack Aviom® source, ME-1 could produce audio clicks if the input was unplugged.
ID_97: When using an MMO Aviom® source, ME-1 even key settings could be reset while in auto mode if the input was unplugged.
ID_103: No audio or metering would be present from a daisy chained ME-U when the first ME-U is sourced from ACE.
ID_106: The ME-D input card Lnk/Act indicator would remain on after unplugging an Aviom® source.
ID_112, 117: On rare occasions there could be meter activity but no audio present from the outputs of a daisy chained ME-U after power up or after reboot following change of its network IP address.

Improvements to the Default naming channel type information received from source. Several other minor issues have also been fixed.

Known Issues:
Stereo link status is not correct when working with an Aviom® source from an MMO option card fitted to an iLive Port B slot.
This will be fixed with new iLive firmware version V1.92 and higher. 

Note - ME-1 mixers connected to the ME-U hub must run firmware version V1.10 or higher. 
Make sure you update all the ME-1 mixers in your stock with the latest version.



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