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GL2400. How do I hook up FX units?
Posted by Al Crombie, Last modified by on 20 February 2009 02:29 PM

Auxiliary output sockets (AUX 1-6) would usually be used for connecting to an FX unit input,
with the signal levels sent
to the FX unit governed by the AUX SEND pots from each input channel,
setting the AUX MASTER at a level that will prevent peak signals from the various channels, sent to the FX unit, clipping the AUX bus rails.

The output of your FX unit can be then be returned to stereo line input sockets (ST1-4).

For details see the GL2400 User Guide:
AUX OUT 1-6 (p.15),
AUX SENDS (p.17/18),

If you require more precise EQ parameter control of FX return signals - and you have sufficient spare channels on the desk, connect to 2 x mono channel inputs:
one from left FX return, one from right FX return, with each of the console's input channels panned hard-left/hard-right (this assumes the FX unit has a stereo return).

We hope this helps. If you need any more information, that you cannot find within the User Guide, please contact your dealer or local A&H distributor for further support