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Connecting ME-1 to iLive
Posted by Leon Phillips, Last modified by on 26 September 2013 03:16 PM

Our customer uses 2 iLive systems with 2 MixRacks and 2 consoles in FoH+Monitor mode.
He is going to use ME-1 system. So is it possible to connect in this system ME-1?
If yes - then how?

If he is using 2 iLives in FOH<>MONS then probably he is using M-ACE card in each MixRack to share signals:
On the master console, if he takes the ACE link2 output from the port_B module and connects to the first ME-1
(or in future to the standard input card on the ME-U hub called the 'ME-D' card). 

In this case the ME's will get the same signals being sent from Master to slave (probably Mic Pre splits / MixRack inputs). 

Alternatively, take the 2nd ACE link out of the Slave Console and choose channel direct outs to send to the ME
(or maybe some subgroups FX, Auxes, etc). 

NB. ACE channel #21 >>> ME channel #1,
      ACE channel #22 >>> ME channel #2  and so on.
      so think about the original signals!

If he is not using ACE (maybe Dante etc) then he will have to wait for ME-U and get a Dante card for that too.

If its a modular iLive system then either the Multidigital out card or the MMO card will provide an Aviom feed
which also works (in 16ch mode) directly with the ME-1 units.

NB. to get iLive channel names displayed on ME-1 units (only via ME-U) will require a firmware update of each ME-1.
This firmware will be made available at the release of ME-U.


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