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XONE:D Series. Traktor Pro .tsi Configuration Maps
Posted by Al Crombie, Last modified by on 19 February 2009 09:08 AM
Traktor Pro Traktor Scratch Pro (.tsi) configuration files are now available for all Xone:'D Series mixers via the following links:


Download the "Xone:...Overlays + Traktor Pro" from the Documents tab

Audio Settings for these .tsi files are pre-configured for INTERNAL PLAYBACK mode.
Where external analogue, or encoded signal sources are implemented,
INPUT ROUTING, TIMECODE SETUP and DECK MODE options within Traktor Pro should be adjusted accordingly.
Alternatively, MIDI MAPPING, GUI LAYOUT and EFFECT SETTINGS options only may be selected when importing the configuration files.

These 'maps' have been released by Allen & Heath to demonstrate a wide range of function control
that can be implemented when Xone:'D Series controllers are integrated with Traktor Pro.
Printable graphic 'overlays' for each .tsi map are also included within the download package,
together with a brief descriptor of how application parameters are assigned and can be enabled with thecontroller.

While Audio/MIDI settings and assignments within the files can be modified to suit individual requirements,
creating your own custom maps, Allen & Heath does not offer in depth technical support for the customisation of Traktor configuration files.

For detailed information about tailoring Audio / MIDI settings, or assigning parameter functions and 'Modifiers' in
Traktor Pro, please refer to the Traktor Pro User Guide, or Native Instruments customer support.

We hope this helps. If you still require further assistance and cannot find the answers in our knowledgebase,
or the product or software application's User Guides, please contact the Allen & Heath Technical Support at:

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