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LEDLamp Power Requirements & Wiring
Posted by Ben Morgan, Last modified by on 25 July 2013 08:38 AM

The LEDLamp circuit is built into a strong, stylish plastic moulding to ensure protection and user comfort.
The flexible metal gooseneck can be bent into shape to adjust to the area being illuminated. 

It terminates in a 4-pin metal XLR suitable for plugging into the mating socket as found on many consoles including those made by Allen & Heath. 
Alternatively, it can be powered from an external 12V power supply.

The LEDLamp requires an AC or DC voltage between 10V and 18V.  It can work with positive or negative voltages. 
At 12V it draws around 35mA per lamp, at 18V it draws a maximum 60mA.  A 12V DC supply is recommended. 

Ensure the supply has enough current to power the number of lamps you intend to use. 
Wire the supply to one or more 4pin XLR female sockets as shown in the diagram. 
A metal bodied type with locking tab is recommended.

For operator safety ensure that the shell of the XLR socket is connected to chassis ground.