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iDR. Losing settings when powered off
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 09 February 2009 09:13 AM

iDR returns back to the default setup on power upeven though the we have configured a new program.
Please advise as to how to store the program.

This could be down to two small things:

1) Please check the battery voltage on the CPU. It could be that the battery has drained or is faulty.

2) Please check the position of the jumper links in jumper cluster J3 on the CPU board.
It is important that jumpers 6, 7 and 8 are fitted in the OFF position, not the ON position.

If both the above checks are correct, are you familiar with the programming of the iDR?
Depending on the firmware version inside the mixer, it may not have been configured to have a power-on preset set.

Version V3.50 and previous require that you store the desired settings of the iDR in to one of more presets,
and set the main one to be the power-on preset.  If there is no power-on preset set, the unit will reload its default settings on power up.

More information on programming the iDR and presets in general can be found in the help file and in the on-line training documents <here>

Version V3.60 firmware and later have the ability to keep current settings in memory by storing the changes made to the system in a default preset.
These settings should be remembered on power-down unless a power-on preset which overrides these settings has been set.
If the iDR in question has V3.60 or later firmware, and there is no power-on preset set, please be sure to double check the hardware tests above.