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Is there a hard reset for my Qu mixer?
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To hard reset the Qu mixer, as explained in the User Guide, available to download on the Qu product page,

 - Press and hold the touch screen Reset and Setup keys together and then power up the mixer.
(these are the located to the left and right of the touch screen encoder button)

 - Keep the keys pressed for at least 5 seconds while the mixer boots.

 - Release the keys.

Note: A hard reset clears all current settings, all Scenes and all User Libraries.

The hard reset:

  • Resets the current settings the same as using the Scenes screen ‘Reset Mix Settings’ button.
  • Resets non-scene parameters and user preferences to a factory default.
  • Clears scene recall Safes and Filters.
  • Clears all memories including Scenes, User Libraries and User Permissions.
  • Resets the Network IP address and the touch screen calibration.

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