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iDR MixRacks. AES Digital Output Option
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AES Digital Output Option available for iDR-16iDR-32iDR-48iDR-64, xDR-16
offering 2 AES3 digital stereo outputs in place of 4 analogue line outputs. 

MixRacks can be ordered with a single AES Digital Output Option pre-fitted.

A retro-fit kit is also available, allowing single or multiple AES Digital Output Options to be fitted. 

iLive Firmware V1.9 is required for this option.
(Please see important notes on firmware update - here)

For more information please contact your dealer or local distributor

Description part no.
iDR-16 MixRack with one AES-Out card  IDR-16-DO/*
iDR-32 MixRack with one AES-Out card  IDR-32-DO/*
iDR-48 MixRack with one AES-Out card  IDR-48-DO/* 
iDR-64 MixRack with one AES-Out card  IDR64-DO/* 
xDR-16 Expander with one AES-Out card  XDR-16-DO/* 
AES-Out option for fixed format racks  004-388KIT

* 120 / 220 / 240 / IN / JP / Y
   this equates to local voltage supply
   120V / 200V / 240V / India / Japan / Europe


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