Xone:DB4. Xone:DB2. FX Wet/Dry Control Knob
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The knob caps used for the Xone:DB2 and Xone:DB4 *
Wet/Dry Control are secured with a collet, washer and nut.
All the other knob caps used on the mixer are push fit.

Care should be taken not to try and remove these Wet/Dry knob caps by simply pulling, 
this could result in damage to the potentiometer.

With excessive use, if your knob becomes loose or needs the alignment adjusted,
removing the plastic cover at the top give you access to the nut.
(see attached photos)

If you need to order a replacement, please contact your dealer or
local distributor

part no - description
AJ5613 - KNOB CAP BK-WH LINE 21MM      
AJ5612 - KNOB COLLET SOFT BK-WHITE LINE  (includes brass collet, washer and nut - see attached photo)


* also used on the Xone:S2 Rotary and the Xone:92R on the rotary faders



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 aj5612-knob_collet_soft_bk-white_line__aj5613_knob_cap_bk-wh_line_21mm__assembly.jpg (246.80 KB)
 aj5612-knob_collet_soft_bk-white_line_aj5613_knob_cap_bk-wh_line_21mm.jpg (158.07 KB)