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GL Series. Replacement Boxes
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We always advise keeping your original box and packaging,
should you need to move or ship the desk in the future
you will have a box that is designed specifically for this purpose.

To order a replacement please contact your dealer or local distributor

Part No.       - Description
AN5780          BOX+FIT GL2400-416
AN5596          BOX+FIT GL2400-424
AN5781          BOX+FIT GL2400-432
AN6085          BOX+FIT GL2400-440
AN7702          BOX+FIT GL2600-416
AN7704          BOX+FIT GL2600-424
AN7839          BOX+FIT GL2600-432

AN6102          BOX+FIT GL2800-824
AN6103          BOX+FIT GL2800-832
AN6104          BOX+FIT GL2800-840
AN6105          BOX+FIT GL2800-848
AN6282          BOX+FIT GL2800-856

AN6225          BOX+FIT GL3800-824
AN6226          BOX+FIT GL3800-832/840
AN6227          BOX+FIT GL3800-848
AN6544          BOX+FIT GL3800-856


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