Recommended Peripheral Hardware Devices (USB Memory)
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We have recommended certain peripheral hardware devices and verified they worked at the time of testing.*

* Please take into consideration the fact that these devices are made by 3rd party manufacturers,
   and the specifications of components can change, without notice, since our tests rendering them unsuitable.

Therefore we would strongly advise:
Testing the device yourself to ensure they function,
to your 100% satisfaction before relying on them to perform in the field.

If a manufacturer has a device that we have tested and reported as OK, it is not safe to assume that another model with different capacity will also pass the test.

i.e. If we have OK'ed a 500GB HDD, this does not mean that the 750GB or 1TB model will also be OK.

Additionally, if you have verified a 3rd party device functions correctly with one Allen & Heath product,
DO NOT automatically assume that it will with a different Allen & Heath product.

e.g. a USB memory stick that works with an iLive surface might not function with a GLD desk, etc.

You need to test for yourself and ensure you are happy with the results.

Due to the vast range of devices available and possible changes in specifications we cannot provide customers with an up to date list of those available.

The forums are a good source of information to discuss experiences from other user and they can be found in the Allen & Heath Digital Community pages

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