Xone:62. Xone:464. Faceplates for Penny + Giles Crossfader
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The original Xone:62 and Xone:464 mixers used a crossfader made by Alps, these are no longer available
and are replaced by a Penny + Giles crossfader (A&H part number 003-808-V2-JIT).

If replacing an Alps crossfader for a P+G, you will need to purchase a new face plate as the fixing holes are in different places.
Also there are a few resistor changes that need to be made (detailed in fitting note AP7170)
Fitting the resistors is only to be carried out by competent and qualified personnel.

There are 3 crossfader faceplates available, depending on the colour of your mixer. (see attached)

AA7169 - width 122mm - stainless steel
AA4321 - width 96 mm - silver power coat
AA7492 - width 96 mm - storm grey powder coat 

Please contact your dealer or local Allen & Heath distributor to order.

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