Allen & Heath Product Finder
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Do you need help finding which is the best Allen & Heath product to suit your needs?

Using the online Product Finder will help you the compare the features available between models.
This can be found at the top of the 'Products' menu on our homepage, or a direct link is below

First select the 'Application' from the drop-down menu, choosing from one of the following options :

Gigging band
Gigging musician
House of worship
Live Venue
Professional recording
Pro Touring FOH
Pro touring Mon
Studio Engineering


The 'Application' you select in the first drop-down box will dictate the options
you are presented with in the rest of the four 'Product Features'.

Selecting certain product features will present you with an additional drop-down menu:

e.g. Selecting Live venue will present you with the following options:

Mono Inputs     (1-4 / 5-8 / 9-16 / 17-24 / 25-32 / 33-48 / 49+)
Stereo Inputs   (1-2 / 3-4 / 5+)
Aux sends        (1-2 / 3-4- / 5-6  /7-10 / 11+)
Groups             (1-4 / 5-8 / 9+)
Matrix Outputs  (check box)
Integrated FX     (check box)
EQ Bands           (3 / 4)
USB                   (check box)
Powered              (check box)
FireWire               (check box)

Selecting Application as DJ, you will be presented with alternative options.

Once a drop-down box selection is made, the list of Allen & Heath products displayed below

will change accordingly, displaying only products that match your criteria.

Note - if you click on a product you will be taken to the product page,
but if you now use the navigation button to go back to the product finder matrix,
you might find you need to use the refresh button and start the process again.

If you control click (on a PC / or option click on a Mac) , the product page will open in a new window.

Use the 'Refresh' button, located on the top right of the selection box to reset the options and start your selection process again.

For further information please contact you local dealer or the Allen & Heath distributor in your country 



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