Xone:V6. Hybrid Linear PSU. MPS6
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The Xone:V6 Hybrid Linear PSU (MPS6) produced before May 2004 will only power early versions of the Xone:V6 that had just 2 valve circuits for channels 5 and 6 only.

The Xone:V6 Hybrid Linear PSU (MPS6) produced after May 2004 can power both early versions of the Xone:V6 (just 2 valve channels)
AND later models that had valves fitted to all input channels as standard (after serial number XV6 080001 X),
OR the early 2 valve option models fitted with the all valve option kit (see Xone V6 Valve option fitting ap5295_1.pdf)

Caution: DO NOT try to power an 'all valve' version with a PSU produced before May 2004.
If you are in any doubt please contact your local A & H Distributor 

Note: The Xone:S6 PSU (MPS7) will not power a Xone:V6

Please contact your
local Allen & Heath distributor to arrange for a service / repair if required


1. All work must be carried out by a competent engineer.
2. AC supply and DC supply can both be LETHAL. Switch mode PSUs can operate at around 400VDC internally.
3. Allen & Heath are not responsible for damage or harm caused to persons or equipment.
4. Allen & Heath can suggest alternative PSUs that supply DC outputs relevant to a mixer but these have not been tested.
5. The use of an alternative PSU may result in hum, buzz or other noise due to the PSU or DC cable grounding being optimised for another mixer.

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