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iLive. Firmware Version 1.9. IMPORTANT NOTES
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NOV 2012

V.1.9 is a major new feature release for iLive Modular and Fixed Format systems.


Important notes regarding V1.9 compatibility:

V1.8 and V1.9 iLive systems are not compatible

A DSP module upgrade is needed to the modular iDR10 and iDR0 MixRacks to run V1.9.  
(Fixed format MixRacks iDR-16,-32,-48,-64 do not require this upgrade)

Once updated to V1.9, MixPad and Tweak cannot be downgraded to V1.8 via the Apple Store.

Only MixPad and Tweak Version1.9 will be available from Apple Store for new users

The user should not attempt to upgrade to V1.9 until they have the new DSP module.
The system would be unusable until the new module has been ordered and received,
or need to be downgraded to V1.8 to restore original operation. 


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