GS-R24. Changes to Metalwork. Mk2
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In June 2012 the metal work for the GS-R24 was updated to improve performance.
As such, the Rev.2 GS-R24 mixer and option cards are NOT compatible with the previous revision GS-R24 mixer and option cards.


  - A&H part numbers -  
Description Revision 2 metalwork Revision 1

Mixer with Non Motorized Faders

GS2-R24 GS-R24
Mixer with Motorized Faders GS2-R24M GS-R24M
FireWire Interface Module Card M-GS2R24-FIRE-A M-GSR24-FIRE-A
Balanced Analogue Interface Module Card M-GS2R24-ANA-A -
Unbalanced Analogue Interface Module Card - M-GSR24-ANA-A


NOTE: There is no difference in the performance between the 2 models,
           the metalwork was updated to improve
EMC performance


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