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iLive MixPad app. Upgrading to V1.9
Posted by Al Crombie, Last modified by on 05 November 2012 10:22 AM

Please note the following information in relation to the forthcoming iLive MixPad v1.9 release in relation to iLive Modular Series hardware:


MixPad  V1.9 will require firmware V1.9.

Firmware V1.9 requires the DSP RackExtra Two card to run on Modular iLive iDR10 and iDR0 Mixracks


There is a potential issue with the lack of a downgrade path from the Apple App Store.

For example; take the scenario you accidentally hit “update all” in your iOS App Store, before you receive your new DSP hardware.

This would render the host iPad unable to connect V1.9 MixPad to your V1.8 firmware, and unable to update your system firmware before the DSP card arrives.


The best advice in this case is therefore to only upgrade MixPad to V1.9 after delivery of your new DSP card.


To avoid the situation described above, the only available workaround requires the MixPad user

to have kept a backup of their existing V1.8 MixPad application file (ipa), before the release of V1.9 MixPad.

Archiving a backup of the existing V1.8 MixPad application can be performed as follows:

Connect your iPad to your PC/Mac, open iTunes and right click on the iPad device, then select Transfer Purchases.

In your Library, under Apps, you should now have a copy of your existing MixPad application.


To make a backup of the ipa file:

On Mac: right click on the application and choose “Get Info”

On Windows: right click on the application and choose “Show In Windows Explorer”

Once you’ve located the ipa file, take a copy and keep it safe in another location.


If you then accidentally update MixPad or want to roll back, all you have to do is sync your apps from iTunes.


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