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ZED Series. Creating Aggregate USB Driver. OS X
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When using a USB ZED mixer on Mac OS X with an audio application that doesn't allow you to select a separate input and output,
it is necessary to create an aggregate driver.  This will be required with applications such as Pro Tools, Logic & Cubase.

An aggregate driver allows you to combine audio inputs and outputs from multiple devices and combine them in to one single driver.

Launch Audio Midi Setup from the Mac Utilities folder,
under 'Audio Devices' hit the plus key,
this will create an aggregate device,
rename it accordingly.

Place ticks in both 'USB Audio Codec' boxes in the right hand windows,
you will see that one of the drivers has inputs and the other outputs.

Launch your audio software,
Select the driver you created above,
You will now be able to access the inputs and the outputs of the ZED.


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