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iLive. Where are scenes and shows stored?
Posted by Ben Morgan, Last modified by on 02 August 2012 10:49 AM
Where are my scenes and shows stored on an iLive system?
  • Scene – Both MixRack and Surface/Editor. MixRack Settings stored in MixRack. Strip assignments, local mic pre and local digital source select are stored in Surface/Editor
  • Show – Surface/USB/Editor
  • FX – Stored as Libraries on Surface/Editor. Current settings saved in scene (see above)
  • Permissions –Surface/Editor
  • Processing – (Current Settings) Stored in Mixrack (battery backed SRAM)
  • User Profiles – Surface
  • IP – Both MixRack and Surface/Editor
  • Event log – Both MixRack and Surface/Editor.
  • Preferences - Most are stored locally to the host they affect.
  • Date/time - MixRack and iLive. All set using Touch Screen.
  • Mix Configuration – MixRack
  • Bus Configuration - MixRack
  • Strip assignment – Surface/Editor