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ZED-R16. What is the difference between DIG MASTER TO L-R and DIG MASTER?
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Dig Master to L-R: When engaged, audio returned on digital return 17-18 will be sent directly to main mix L-R. You could esentially use this as an extra stereo bus to route audio back to the desk over and above the 16 analogue channels, note; there is no level control when doing this so the level of this bus will need to be tweaked in your DAW.

Dig Master: Is a feature of the monitoring section of the ZED-R16. When engaged the control rooms monitors and headphones will be listening to the 17-18 digital return only. Some examples for use are:

1) If you are bouncing down a 16 channel analogue mix in to your DAW and want to monitor the digital return make sure you new audio track has it's output set to 17-18. You will now be listening to the digitized return from your DAW including any digital processing plugins you may have added to the track, all in near real time.

2) Listen to a mix down without having to forfeit channels on the desk, potentially having to zero down EQ's, pans etc.