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UK-built vs Chinese built products?
Posted by Chris Panks, Last modified by on 10 December 2008 04:51 PM

Are the UK-built products better quality and more reliable than the Chinese built versions? 


They are built to exactly the same standard as the UK ones, using the same components, and tested on our own test equipment
(which we ship out to China and train their operators on) in the same way.

As the product range grew and orders increased we had to look for an additional assembly plant in order to meet demand,
as our UK factory was already operating at full capacity. We were keen to supply the demand for our products,
but we were concerned about the rumours about exploitation in China, so we needed to find an internationally respected
manufacturing partner with whom we could work to arrive at an acceptable production process.

So, our engineering team in the UK designs the product, we specify the components to be used (the same as in our UK-built products),
specify the test stages and provide the test gear to ensure our standards are met.

We regularly audit the production processes along with the standards accreditation bodies such as ITS to certify the standard safety and quality issues.

The only difference is the direct labour content, and we’re pleased to confirm that the working conditions and environment are exceptionally good in the factory we use.

Finally, we’re glad to say that we’re very pleased with the quality of product the Chinese factory is achieving -
there is NO discernible difference between the mixers built in China and those built in the UK.