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PL-6. PL-10. Wall mounting
Posted by Matthew Prigg, Last modified by on 22 March 2012 11:38 AM

Unfortunately there is no 'off the shelf' box available for the purpose of wall mounting.
See the "PL Plinth Cut Out Templates.pdf" here:

The PL-10 and the PL-6 share the same box,
(PL-10 has rotary faders / PL-6 linear)

Unfortunately when fixing in plasterboard, the two 4mm diameter holes at the top and bottom of the face plate (92mm apart)
are too close the edges, meaning that the plasterboard will crack. Batons of wood can be used to mount the face plate on,
but an easier alternative is to remove the 'fast feet' on the base of the unit and use these holes to secure the unit to the wall.

The unit will need to be taken apart to do this but it is a straight forward procedure.

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