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Xone:62 Xone2:62 Rackmount Kits
Posted by Chris Panks, Last modified by on 10 December 2008 04:42 PM

Two rack kits for the Xone:62 which allow it to be used with 9.5” or 19” racks. 

9.5” (NARROW) rack ears to enable the mixer to be dropped into a surface / custom case / furniture
19” (WIDE ) rack brackets to extend the mounting to standard 19" rack mounting cases. 

The rack ears are the same length as the depth of the mixer - 358mm / 8U
see the user guide for mixer dimensions)

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X2:62-RK19SG >> XONE2:62 - 19" RACK EAR KIT (STORM GREY)

XONE2:62-RK >> XONE2:62 - 9.5"RACK EAR KIT
XONE2:62-RK19 >> XONE2:62 - 19" RACK EAR KIT     

Please see the User Guide for more information


To order please contact your dealer or local A&H distributor


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