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Xone. Custom MIDI Map Overlays
Posted by Jamie Lynch, Last modified by on 07 September 2011 10:24 AM
If you would like to create a custom Xone MIDI map overlay there are a range of options, the first is to visit
from here you can either use your own image and map design to upload to the site in a user friendly environment or simply use the style flip interface
to create your own map or by slecting a pre-made back ground from a selection available on the site,
once happy with the layout and the look of the mixer they can print your own customised mixer decal to be stuck directly onto the mixer.

The official A&H Traktor map downloads feature a blank overlay that can be used to create your own custom map,
once happy with the design this can then be printed and laminated to fit the mixer,
this options allows you to have different overlays ready for different software or maps as required.

Another option is to use stickers to label up each of the controls as desired,
this can be done either by ordering custom stickers or simply using blank stickers to write up your own custom controls.

It may also be worthwhile browsing ebay or DJ forums as there have been custom rubber/plastic overlays available in the past
or contact a graphics firm who can help design and print / cut a custom overlay.