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iLive Editor. Programing a PL-Device in offline mode
Posted by Jamie Lynch, Last modified by on 10 August 2011 01:10 PM

If running iLive Editor 1.72 or earlier, PL devices can be programmed  in Offline mode,

if running Editor 1.80 or above the PL devices must be connected to a MixRack in order for the device to be programmed,
either using iLive Editor in Online mode or directly via the connected surface touch screen
(see iLive Reference Part 2 firmware page 66)

To download iLive Editor 1.72 please Click Here

To program the PL device from Editor:

Start Editor in Offline Mode > Setup > PL-Anet Setup > PL Sim Options > Add as many PL devices as required

Close PL Sim Options > In the PL-Anet Browser expand the tree to show the different PL Devices then click a device to open it,
once open click on any control to see the functions it can be assigned to

Assign the function for each control ensuring to hit apply before moving to the next control,
once the PL device has been fully assigned, store the PL setup in the devices Library Window.

Finally update the scene and the show file to save these changes so they can be loaded into a surface as required