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ZED-R16. Uninstalling Legacy ZEDDICE Control Panel, Installing current A&H Firewire Control Panel
Posted by Jamie Lynch, Last modified by on 06 July 2011 09:28 AM

With the release of the current ZED-R16 driver release V3.5.5, the soundcard control panel has been renamed and given a new icon.
The V3.5.3 ZEDDICE Control Panel has been changed to the Allen&Heath FireWire Control Panel for V3.5.5

If updating the ZED-R16 driver from V3.5.3 to V3.5.5 you must uninstall the ZEDDICE Control Panel 
before updating to the new Allen&Heath FireWire Control Panel.

To fully uninstall the ZEDDICE Control Panel you must run ZEDDICE Uninstaller utility.

Please note that using the Allen & HeathFW  Uninstaller utility that is a part of the latest drivers
will not remove the ZEDDICE Control Panel correctly and this can cause a potential driver conflict.

If running a Windows based PC system the uninstaller utility is located in the
Start Menu > Programs > Allen & Heath LTD >  Uninstall ZEDDICE

If running an Apple Mac OS X based system you will need to download the OS X Legacy drivers from the downloads section on our website
then open the 'dmg' file located in the folder titled ZEDR16Mac_10.5_10.6_Drivers_Firmware_V3.5.3
this will open a new window where the ZEDDICE Uninstaller is located.

To Download go to the software tab on the product page, click here

After successfully uninstalling the ZEDDICE Control Panel reboot the system before installing the current V3.5.5 driver.

If the Allen & Heath FireWire Control Panel is installed whilst the ZEDDICE Control Panel is still present on the system, 
we recommend uninstalling all instances of the ZEDs drivers from the system and rebooting before reinstalling the current drivers,
ensuring to run the both the ZEDDICE Uninstaller and the Allen & Heath FW Uninstaller.

If there any complications please contact your local A&H Distributor of support




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