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XONE:D SERIES. Testing the MIDI functionality
Posted by Jamie Lynch, Last modified by on 08 June 2011 01:52 PM

If a software application such as Ableton or Traktor isn't recognising the Xone as a MIDI device or isn't receiving MIDI messages
from the Xone you will need to check the Mixer is enumerating with the computer as a MIDI device correctly.

On an Apple OS X system:

This can be checked in the OS X Audio / MIDI settings, go to the MIDI Window and check the Xone icon is present,

if the icon is present but greyed out the mixer is not connecting with the computer correctly.
It's worthwhile testing the USB cable in a different USB port and also using a different USB cable if possible.

If the Xone icon is constantly greyed out or if no icon is present at all you will need to 
go to the downloads section on the A&H website and download the latest drivers for the Xone device.

After downloading and installing the drivers this should now connect correctly, 
if this process does not resolve the problem please contact A&H technical support for further assistance.

For software downloads visit the product page on the A&H website
or go to the Allen & Heath Downloads section please <CLICK HERE> 

If the Xone icon is present (and not greyed out), the free utility MIDI Monitor can be used to test the Xone
is sending MIDI messages correctly, to download MIDI Monitor visit

With the application running, the Xone plugged in and powered up, if you then trigger a MIDI control,
MIDI Monitor will display the incoming messages that are sent from the Xone.
If MIDI Monitor doesn't display any MIDI messages at this point please contact A&H Technical Support for further assistance

If MIDI-Monitor displays the MIDI messages on screen, the Xone is connecting to the computer and sending MIDI correctly,
so the MIDI settings in the software can now be configured.

On a Microsoft Windows system:
Check the Xone is recognised as a MIDI device in the Sounds and Audio Devices window > Audio tab > MIDI Music Playback drop down menu.
If the Xone is not listed, either the computer doesn't recognise the device or the driver is not installed correctly.
Test the different USB ports and the USB cable, if this doesn't help you will need to go to the
downloads section on the A&H website and download the latest drivers for the Xone device.

With the driver installed and the PC recognising the Xone as a MIDI device, you can now
check the Xone is  sending MIDI correctly using the free application MIDI-OX,
Download MIDI-OX at

MIDI-OX works in the same manner as MIDI-Monitor on the Mac in that it will display any incoming MIDI messages from the Xone.
With the application open and the Xone plugged in and powered on, go to the Option tab,
open the MIDI devices window and the Xone should be recognised in the Input Device section, 
select the Xone device then click OK. 

Now when a control on the mixer is triggered the screen should display the MIDI message from the mixer,
if the application doesn't display any data or the Xone is not recognised in the MIDI device Window
please contact A&H support for further assistance.

If the application displays the incoming MIDI messages the Xone is connected to the computer and sending MIDI correctly,
now the MIDI settings in the software can be configured.


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