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Dante. Can I use a wireless router that has an inbuilt gigabit switch?
Posted by Chris Panks, Last modified by Martijn Verkerk on 30 July 2018 02:42 PM
This is a complex question to answer. Dante fundamentally is one of many different types of network traffic.

To use a more widely understood analogy, one could ask "Can I plug my analogue console into the same mains feed as the lighting dimmers?"

The answer is naturally of course you can but it may well buzz, alternatively you could "Get away" with it.
We all know the "right" things to do under these circumstances; ideally use a different supply, use an isolation transformer etc.

The answer with switches and Dante is similar. Dante doesn't travel over wireless.

It is definitely possible to have a wireless setup and all kinds of other traffic running on the same network as Dante.
Whether it is desirable to have this in a live entertainment environment without a backup plan is the crucial question.

The practical response to this would be to suggest that a Gigabit ethernet switch is chosen- managed or unmanaged.

There is a list of switches that people have had success with on the Audinate website,
and this is in the process of being updated with some more current models as we get feedback on performance.

If you wish to use Wireless and wired networks with a system like Dante, the best strategy is to have a physically separate wireless access point.
This is for no better reason than you can easily unplug the thing if something bad starts to happen.
Additional benefits are that dedicated hardware under some circumstances may have superior performance to hybrid hardware (although this is a very general statement).

The use of a managed switch may give some advantages, as this gives you more traffic management options, which you may wish to use later, or may just solve a problem.

A managed switch is like a toolbox, you may never have to use it, but it is really handy if you do need it.