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PL-10. Set up for different monitor mixes
Posted by Jamie Lynch, Last modified by on 06 April 2011 03:05 PM

You can program the PL-10 in iLive Editor so each button recalls a scene, each of the scenes will be used to change the PL-Library,
each PL library change which Aux sends the rotaries are controlling.

In the scene manager contents, name however many scenes you require, for example

1) PL-10 setup Aux 1
2) PL-10 setup Aux 2
3) PL-10 setup Aux 3
4) PL-10 setup Aux 4
5) PL-10 setup Aux 5

In the scene manager, go to the edit section and add the PL-Anet settings to each of these scene contents update every-time.

Now assign each button on the PL-10 to the corresponding scene

Button 1 > Scene 1
Button 2 > Scene 2

Now recall the scene titled 'PL-10 setup Aux 1', configure the PL-10 to control your different sends for Aux 1, ensuring to update each time you assign each rotary control,
save the PL settings as a PL-Library then update the scene, now recall the 'PL-10 setup Aux 2' scene, configure the PL-10 again for your Aux 2 sends,
save this as a new PL library and update the scene again and so on for each of the Aux buses you will be using.


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