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iDR. Clock and Daylight Savings Time Compensation
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 20 November 2008 09:50 AM

Can the iDR unit's Real Time Clock compensate automatically for changes to the time caused by Daylight Savings Time,
or is a service call to the job site necessary to connect and change the iDR clock so that the scheduled events remain accurate?

The iDR only has a seven day calendar in the unit, a bit like an old VCR, so it has no way of knowing which week, month or year it currently is,
therefore can't automatically compensate for Daylight Savings Time etc. itself.

The only solution is to regularly synchronise it to a PC, which itself can be set an internet time server on some operating systems,
so it retains the correct time (as well as the optional correction for DST).

If the iDR is set up for remote control via a network connection, and the network is set to be accessible via the internet, current time etc.
can be set via remote login, so a physical service visit should not be required.  Many sites will already have access to the internet,
so the costs for doing this can be quite reasonable, especially when compared to a physical call-out.

For more information on configuring the iDR-8 and iDR-4 units for remote access,
please see the PDF document 'Remote connection to an iDR via the internet' in the Downloads section of the Support Centre.